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kids geographyHere are our 2 US geography worksheets. There are no images for them, so just click on the link to be taken to the PDF file.

The “I know my states” worksheet features an outline of the map of the USA and ask students to color the map (find a different color for each state). It is meant for elementary school students and is a great way to assess they US geography knowledge.

Geography worksheet I know my states 1-5

The “Identifying states – Northern US” worksheet can be used for both elementary and early middle school students. It features the map of the Northern US from West Coast to the Great Lakes. It omits the Eastern portion of the US (don’t ask how that happened, but we are keeping this one like that)

Geography Worksheet – Identifying states – Northern US- West and Midwest

Here are a couple of cool products and ideas to help you teach your kids US geography…

1. USA wall map. This map is sold on Amazon for around $10 and the shipping was free when I last checked, so it’s a pretty good deal.

US map


2. US States Guide for kids. This small guide is very inexpensive and is beautifully illustrated, giving kids an instant visual idea of what each US state is all about. We love it.

US geography for kids


3. The National Geographic US Atlas for kids. This atlas is really a cross between and atlas and a textbook for kids. It also has great illustrations and is a wonderful way to help your children learn United States Geography.

US geography for kids


4. National Geographic Kids Website featuring the US Atlas with pictures, videos, audio, games and activities. If you’ve never explored this part of National Geographic website, you will be surprised at how many cool activities they offer to keep your little ones busy learning.

National Geographic kids atlas website


5. Geography.com. A website dedicated to teaching kids (and adults) geography. It offers cool learning activities, links to maps and links to other geography resources.

learn geography


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