Language Arts


On this page you will find language arts worksheets, language arts resources, tools and recommended products. Teaching your children phonics, talking, reading and writing is critical. Unlike some of the other things kids learn, learning language arts continues well into adulthood, but should begin early, ideally from birth. Parents who talk to their children, read to them and introduce their kids to writing notice that their children grow up not only to be great readers, but great scholars. Use our language arts worksheets and activities to nurture lifelong learners.

Language Arts Worksheets                                                                                        







9-12 Grade Language Arts Worksheets                        Language worksheet 9-12_1Language Arts Worksheets 9-12 – The Odyssey Questions Worksheet 1 (Has your child read The Odyssey? Get it on Amazon.)


Language  arts resources
Online Libraries – a collection of classic works, such as “Ethics” by Aristotle and “A tale of 2 Cities” by Charles Dickens available to read free online. – a huge collection of books on all topics, magazines and journal articles. – over 40,000 free online books
The biggest library – free ebooks, manuals and dictionaries