pre-k writing Teaching your preschoolers to write is fun, but can be frustrating, too. When I started teaching Bella at 2 years old, some days I felt like she’ll never draw a straight line or like there will not come a day when she’ll recognize the letters I am showing to her. Usually, we practiced a different letter each day in no particular order. I would make dotted letters and she would trace them. If she could trace 3 out of 5 letters, I counted that as a victory. As I look back, I realize that at 2, kids still have plenty of time to learn to write. As she got better, I started giving her longer worksheets. Although it can take us several sessions, she is able to get through them within a few days.

You know your little one best and the way you decide to use these worksheets is up to you. Whether your child can complete one in a week or in a day, she will go at her own pace and will learn to write in her own time. Sometimes I look back and laugh at how worried I was that Bella would not learn early enough or fast enough. She just turned 4 and we are still working on her handwriting. She has good “writing days” an bad “writing days”, just like she has days when she can count to 20 perfectly and days when she misses the number 14.  🙂

Keep working with your little ones and I hope these letter tracing worksheets come in handy. Click the links to open PDF files.

The “Tracing Lines” worksheets are great to use to prepare your toddler to begin tracing and writing letters. Tracing lines helps kids learn how to get a good grip on the pencil and develop the fine motor skills needed to write.

RainbowTreeKids Preschool Worksheet -Tracing Lines 1

RainbowTreeKids Preschool Worksheet Tracing Lines 2

RainbowTreeKids Preschool Worksheet Tracing Lines 3

Here’s the tracing worksheet I made for the 4th of July:

4th of July Preschool Pre-Writing Worksheet Flag Tracing

These 3 worksheets are for more experienced letter writers – they simply have the letters and the lines for the kids to practice.

Language Worksheet Letters writing practice prek-2 A-G

language worksheet letters writing practice prek-2 H-P

Language worksheet letters writing practice prek-2 Q-Z