In my tireless effort to give Bella as many opportunities to learn as possible, I decided to take her to an art museum back in October (yeah, yeah, late post – we’ve been busy). It is a pretty large museum for our size town and is built around the bird theme. When I was thinking about taking her, I figured we would just walk around the sculpture garden. (Now Bella wants garden sculptures.)I really didn’t think she would enjoy the indoor exhibits. Little did I know! This child looked at just about every painting and sculpture. In each room, she picked her favorite, she discussed the colors, the materials, the mood of the paintings and even tried to name the birds that were portrayed (she got a few right!) Frankly, I was shocked that she found the experience so exciting. I know it enriched her.


A special surprise awaited downstairs… A kids’ art park! The museum has an amazing art play area (again, bird themed), featuring various art activities, lots of puzzles, a reading corner with bird books for different age groups, a puppet theater, bird costumes and more! We had a blast there and I could not get her out! (Had to resort to the age-old “mommy is leaving now” threat.)




We found yet another surprise on the stairs! Yep, I had to work hard to get this thing into the picture. Of course, I didn’t have time to find the right angle and range because Isabella promptly started grabbing and squeezing the balloons and we had to find a distraction!



Turned out, they have classes for toddlers and preschoolers, so I guess next stop is craft store, because I am buying this child art supplies!