When I teach Bella, I try to offer activities that help develop different knowledge and skills and cover multiple subjects. When I was putting together her curriculum for this week, I found this great kids  activity on the British History Museum website. If you’ve never been there, you should check it out. They have a wonderful kids section.

Anyway, Bella loves all things princess, so when I saw the museum’s take on the ancient crown found in a tomb in Afghanistan, I was very excited. Their website has very good instructions, detailing how to make the replica.

The story is that the crown belonged to the first century nomadic woman and was made out of multiple pieces so that it could fold during travel. Of course, neither our replica nor the British museum’s replica folds. It would be nice to see the actual crown, but I haven’t been able to find it.

You will need lots of beads and 4 pipe cleaners. I wasn’t able to replicate the museum’s crown with just 4, so I think there may be a tiny error in the instructions. You need beads with large openings to fit multiple passes of pipe cleaners. Mine were small and I had to twist pipe cleaners around the other pipe cleaners instead of stringing them through the beads.

The value of the activity is great.
1. We talked about the history of the crown and about tombs in general.
2. She counted the beads for the 3 different groups of beads that the instructions called for.
3. She helped me string them on and picked up the stray beads that bounced off the table.

We got too busy and didn’t take a picture of her wearing the crown, but if I remember, l will update the post when I get that pic. Here’s a close up.


We really enjoyed this activity. Let your little princess try her hand at making a crown and don’t forget to share pictures!